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Understand The Language Of The Quran From The Palm Of Your Hand.
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The Arabic Unlocked App makes learning Arabic fun, fast, and effortless.

Engineered to help you learn Arabic and understand the Quran quickly and effectively.

Perfect for all levels. With over 7 different sections, the app can fulfil your Arabic learning needs.

Learn Arabic The Right Way…

Master the Arabic Letters

‘Arabic Letters’ will have you reading sooner than you ever imagined. Recognise the shape and sounds of Arabic letters and master how to pronounce them correctly. A great starting point for beginners.

Learn Useful Vocabulary

Learn and remember useful vocabulary that is used in the Quran and in daily speech with our unique Word Builder. Quiz lessons and flashcards help the words settle in your memory so you don’t keep forgetting them like in the past.

Structured Fun Learning

Who said learning Arabic has to be boring? Fun bite-sized lessons will keep you engaged and learning every day. Learn through games, quizzes, challenges and more.

Learn Arabic Grammar Easily

Never worry about how complex Arabic grammar feels again. The app simplified everything for you so you are learning concepts through simple and easy practice, and not long boring lectures.

Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your progress with the live progress tracker and see how well you’re doing with daily, weekly and overall performance. Make consistent progress towards becoming fluent in Arabic.

Be The Best

Complete with others and climb to the top of the leader board. See how well you’re doing with friends, family and the rest of the world!
Begin Understanding Quran Today With Arabic Unlocked Premium
” A great app to learn arabic easy to use and very fun. I’ve been using it everyday on the go, for the past 2 weeks, it’s helping me to learn the words of the Quran. I was unsure at the beginning whether to download the app at all, but now I am very happy. Very well done to the Arabic unlocked team, I wish you all the best inshaAllah!

— Sifaw Al

“Amazing App. This is a great app that I’m sure will help many people learn Arabic. I wish I had it when I began studying years ago as it would have made my life a lot easier. It has everything one needs to start learning Arabic whatever your level. Highly recommended!”

— Fadawkas Tahir

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