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Chishti Rang

“Very clear and easy to understand course. It’s made very simple and I find all the basics are really easy to understand. The teacher I think has really put together a fantastic program to learn Arabic in the most simplistic form”

Moqem Zwan

“Alhamdulilah I Was Able To Go From Not Understanding Any Arabic To Understanding Some Of The Quran I Was Reciting Much Quicker Than I Ever Imagined”

Adiba Maqsood

“Short and to the point. In 5 mins you are learning at least 3-5 words of useful Arabic. May Almighty make it easier for all us to understand HIS message.”

Sister H

“I Had Been Struggling To Learn Arabic For Years, And Wished I Had Found Arabic Unlocked Earlier.”

The Key To Unlocking Arabic is not working harder but its working SMARTER. Focusing your efforts on what really brings results.

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