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Here’s a special invitation to join the flagship Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program
Here’s A Summary of What’s Included…

Quranic Arabic Course

Comprehensive course on Quranic Arabic taking you from the basics to advanced concepts.
Learn the vocab and grammar needed to understand the Quran.
Lessons are broken down into bite sized chunks and material is made simple and easy to understand.

LIFETIME Access to the Arabic Unlocked Academy

LIFETIME Access to the Arabic Unlocked Academy
Dedicated class for your level with ability to interact with class tutor and fellow students.
Personal profile with access to all academy features.

Arabic Unlocked Learning Community

A learning community with dedicated groups, forums and topics to help you learn Arabic.
Share your questions and struggles.
Live Q&A Sessions.
Connect with Students and Arabic Teachers.

Personal Tutor

Don’t understand something on the course or do you need some extra support and feedback? We’ve got you covered with your own personal tutor.
24/7 Access to Personal Tutor.
Available to answer your questions and support you to succeed in learning Arabic.
Finally an Arabic Program That Actually Works!

What Our Students Are Saying…


“Alhamdulilah I Was Able To Go From Not Understanding Any Arabic To Understanding Some Of The Quran I Was Reciting Much Quicker Than I Ever Imagined.”


“I Had Been Struggling To Learn Arabic For Years, And Wished I Had Found Arabic Unlocked Earlier.”


“MashaAllah you have an amazing way of teaching every day i going through the lessons opens a flood of knowledge that is amazing. May Allah bless you and your team for the amazing work.”


“By the way , i’d like to inform you that your program is really amazing in just two times that i’ve study your lesson from beginning till the end i was able to understand already the rules in arabic grammar what i really need to do is to especialize it by continously study it.”
Join Our Network of Students who have Successfully Learned Arabic

Massive Value!

The Quranic Arabic Unlocked Program is usually sold for £997 but because you are already a customer we’d like to give you a special one-time only price of £397!

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30 Day Guarantee

The value of this package is immense. We’re so confident that you will like it that if you don’t We’ll give you a full refund. Just let us know within thirty days and you’ll get all of your money back in full.

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