Planning to Learn Arabic After You Retire? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Many professional Muslims deeply desire to understand the Quran in its original Arabic.

However, many also mistakenly think learning Arabic is only feasible after retirement. Here are three reasons why this false perception can hinder the numerous benefits of learning Arabic at any career stage.

1. Learning a new language boosts your brain health.

Learning a new language has been proven to boost your brain power, which can benefit your career in more ways than one.

Delays cognitive decline
Learning a new language can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (Source: Alzheimer’s & Dementia) and protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline (Source: National Library of Medicine).

Grows the brain structure
Engaging in language learning contributes to growing brain structure, specifically developing the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. This leads to sharper reasoning, improved visual planning, and better spatial navigation (Source: Science Daily).

Boosts valuable skills
The measurable impact of language learning on the brain also boosts other skills valuable in our career, such as better academic performance, improved concentration, a more powerful memory, boosted empathy for stronger communication skills, and enhanced creativity for problem-solving and decision-making (Source: Cambridge).

2. Missed opportunities and deeper connection

Develop a deeper connection with the Quran
Learning Quranic Arabic earlier in life allows you to connect deeper with the Quran’s meaning and beauty. This deeper understanding enables you to extract profound insights, derive personal reflections, and apply the Quranic teachings more effectively through life’s ups and downs.

Enhance the spiritual experience
By fostering a more intimate relationship with the word of Allah, you can facilitate a more profound sense of spiritual fulfilment, enlightenment, guidance, and connection with Allah in your acts of worship. Performing Umrah or Hajj also becomes a more profound experience when you can deeply connect with the Arabic words you say during rituals and prayer.

Intellectual growth and personal development
Learning a new language, especially one as rich and profound as Quranic Arabic, stimulates cognitive abilities, critical thinking skills, and linguistic competence. Moreover, delving into the depths of Quranic Arabic cultivates qualities such as patience, perseverance, humility, and reverence, which are essential for spiritual growth and personal resilience.

3. Enhanced skills in a globalised world

Learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to understand the Quran in Arabic paves the way to mastering conversational Arabic, which can complement our personal and professional goals in many ways in today’s increasingly interconnected and globalised world.

Enhance social connection
You’ll be able to have meaningful conversations beyond basic greetings, fostering genuine connections with colleagues, neighbours, or friends from Arabic-speaking backgrounds.

Beautify your travel experience
Understanding Arabic can beautify your travel experience in Arabic-speaking regions. You’ll be able to engage more deeply with the culture, get around easier when you can understand signs and public transportation announcements, and explore areas beyond tourist spots with more confidence.

Opens up new business and career opportunities
Having Arabic language skills can be a valuable business or career asset in connecting with a wider range of clients and partners. Beyond business, Arabic is crucial in diplomacy, journalism, and academia, as it can bridge cultures, foster communication, and resolve conflicts.

In summary, learning Quranic Arabic not only enriches you personally and spiritually but also opens the path to many professional opportunities in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world. By delaying learning Arabic until retirement, you’ll diminish the opportunity to enjoy these benefits earlier in life.

The smarter way to learn Quranic Arabic for busy professionals

Modern technology has made it much easier and more practical for working professionals to learn Arabic.

Language learning apps such as our Arabic Unlocked App make it easy and effective for busy professionals to learn Arabic in small, consistent steps through their mobile devices.

For those interested in the fastest path to understanding the Quran in the language of revelation, our Quranic Arabic Intensive is an online live course. It allows professionals to join online weekend classes with a qualified Arabic teacher to master Quranic Arabic in just 10 weeks.

The next semester is open for enrolment and will commence June 22, 2024. Those interested in joining can apply here before registration closes on Friday, June 21. Spaces are limited to 20 students to maintain a high teacher-student interaction quality.


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