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Arabic made easy

Arabic is not difficult to learn when you are being taught in an effective manner.

Our app was created with the purpose of helping you learn Arabic in the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way possible.


Reach your goals quicker

Learn the most common words and phrases used in the Quran and begin understanding verses of the Quran sooner than you ever imagined.

Or study everyday phrases and sentences that will help you strike up a conversation in no time. Whatever your goals, the app will help you achieve them quickly and effectively.


Learn anytime, anywhere

Lessons are broken down into short bitesize lessons that will have you improving your Arabic in just a few minutes a day. 

When you look back in a few months time you will be amazed at how much progress you have made by spending a few minutes a day on the app.

Arabic Unlocked is the easiest way to increase your Quranic vocabulary and understand Allah’s words


Learn in stair-step fashion, each level building on the previous one, solidifying the learner’s knowledge of Arabic and the Quran


The app is personalized for each individual, using technology to chart what the learner knows vs what he still needs to learn with the latest second language learning pedagogy.


Arabic Unlocked is razor-focused to give you what you need to learn the Quran; Allah’s word without any fluff or filler

Always Accessible

Take every opportunity to learn. Available at the tip of your fingers in bite-sized lessons that you won’t get choked on.

Hear what others have to say

Level Up With Arabic Unlocked Premium

With Arabic Unlocked Premium you gain unrestricted access to all content and features of the app.

Access all lessons


Unlimited practice


Unlock all features


Introduce yourself to the ease and beauty of Arabic with our eBooks

Begin unlocking the words of the Quran and Sunnah with our popular eBooks. By focussing on the most commonly used words you can accelerate your understanding faster than you ever imagined.

Take your studies to the next level with Arabic Unlocked Academy

Get the perfect combination of training, resources and support that is helping hundreds of students take huge strides towards fluency in Arabic and understanding the Quran.

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