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Helping the world unlocked the Arabic language.

Our Mission

Arabic Unlocked was started with the mission of making the language of the Quran accessible to the world.

We use the latest technology combined with language learning methods backed by science to create learning experiences that help you quickly and effectively unlock Arabic.


Unlocking the Words Of The Quran

Our popular eBook ‘Unlocking the Words Of The Quran’ is a shortcut to understanding the meaning of the words in the Quran.

In the book we cover the top 300 words of the Quran that account for over 70% of the total words in the Quran.


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Quick and Easy

Digestible bite-sized lessons that you can always find time for.

Effective and Productive

Giving you real results in learning Arabic.

Fun and Addictive

Enjoy learning with the challenges and gamification

Start to Finish

Lessons tailored to all levels of Arabic learners.


Flagship Courses

Our courses combine years of experience teaching Arabic with the latest language learning methods and techniques. We strive to give students the best support and resources to complement their learning.

8 Modules Teaching Our Quranic Arabic Curriculum.

Learn the vocab and grammar needed to understand the Quran

Taking you from the very basics all the way to understanding complex grammar.

Finally understand the Arabic language with the Arabic Unlocked App.

Start your free trial now to experience a new life changing connection with the Quran

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