Inspiring True Stories of Learning Arabic to Understand the Quran


I used to believe that learning Arabic was hard. 

When I flipped this belief, I learned the language in just 9 months. It transformed my relationship with the Quran and set me on the path to help others accelerate their journey of understanding the Quran in Arabic.

Believing it’s easy for you to learn Arabic is one of the three success keys I shared with you in the webinar. I want to help you really solidify this mindset. And true stories of how others learned Arabic in a real-world setting will help you do just that.

Every story I share in this post are people whom I’ve met or become my students through Arabic Unlocked Academy. While names have been changed to protect their privacy, their journeys are real and I hope they inspire you.


A Mother and Child’s Journey of Learning Arabic Together

After studying the tafsir of the Quran in her native Urdu language, Umm Amin was inspired to learn how to understand the Quran directly in Arabic.  However, she felt like she was too old to learn a new language. The idea of studying in the classroom again felt quite intimidating.

That’s when she came across the online Arabic Unlocked program. As a self-paced online course, it felt less intimidating.

She enrolled alongside her son who, at the time, was around 10 years old. They studied together, motivated each other, and tested each other. Her son also enjoyed using the Arabic Unlocked app and it encouraged her to also use it to help with revision. 

To her own surprise, Umm Amin realised her age provided experience and the ability to comprehend concepts quicker than her son. Likewise, her ability to retain vocabulary improved as she practised, just like a muscle strengthens when trained. 

Today, both she and her son can understand the Quran directly in Arabic. The journey of learning together has also been a very special bonding experience rooted in faith.


From Failing Multiple Times to Memorising the Quran with Understanding

Mustafa has already tried a few different courses to learn Arabic but failed. The multiple failures made him feel like he wasn’t cut out to learn Arabic, and he gave up.

However, when Mustafa began memorising parts of the Quran, his desire to understand Arabic was reignited. He wanted to understand what he memorised and not just recite in a rote fashion. But his past failure held him back. He felt scared to make mistakes and doesn’t want to feel embarrassed in a classroom setting. 

That’s when he decided to give learning Arabic another shot with Arabic Unlocked Academy. The self-paced environment took the pressure off him. He blocked off time every day after Fajr to study without distractions. 

After just a few months, he amazed himself when he could understand portions of the Friday sermon in his local mosque, which was delivered in Arabic. This spurred his motivation. 

Fast forward to today, Mustafa has memorised the entire Quran with understanding. He has also achieved a level of fluency in Arabic he never thought possible, where he can read, write, and hold conversations in Arabic.


A Busy University Student Learns Arabic While On the Go

Learning Arabic has been a lifelong goal for Hanifa, but she didn’t think she could fit learning a language into her busy schedule. On top of her university studies and exams, she was also juggling part-time work in the evening and weekends. 

Then one day, she was listening to a lecture and heard the Arabic Proverb:

مَا لَا يُدْرَكُ كُلُّهُ لَا يُتْرَكُ جُلُّهُ

“Anything that cannot be completed in its entirety should not be left entirely.”

Arab proverb

This inspired her to start learning Arabic with the Arabic Unlocked app. She loved how the app allowed her to squeeze in learning during moments that were normally unproductive, like when she was on the bus or in the line at the supermarket. 

After making progress with the app, she enrolled in the Quranic Arabic Unlocked program. The organised, bite-sized lessons were perfect for her busy schedule. In fact, she found having limited time forced her to study in an effective and focused manner.

Hanifa is delighted she ditched the “all-or-nothing” mindset and opted for the slow and steady approach. She progressed more in the past 12 months more than if she waited for the “perfect time” to learn, which may never have come.


A Sceptic’s Journey to Understanding the Quran in Arabic

As a bachelor, Idris was highly driven to learn Arabic. He jumped from course to course, both online and offline. He tried lots of apps, books, and curriculums. But nothing worked.

He quickly became sceptical of any Arabic course. He fell into a negative mindset where he would see issues in every course or method he tried. Furthermore, life presented him with many excuses to give up. He had gotten married and had two daughters and just didn’t have much free time. 

Then, he heard my story of how I learned Arabic in 9 months with the three keys. Seeing how Arabic Unlocked has helped many others comprehend the Quran when reciting or hearing it recited, he decided to give it a go.

Although sceptical, he liked how the curriculum was designed around the three keys. Very soon, Idris began connecting the dots from his previous studies and saw how to practically apply the three keys to understanding the Quran. 

This spurred his motivation. Today, he has progressed more than ever before and is well on his way to achieving his goal of understanding the Quran as he recites or hears it recited.


What’s Your Future Success Story?

Umm Amin, Mustafa, Hanifa, and Idris came from different situations that made them believe learning Arabic would be difficult. However, when they changed their negative mindset, trusted the process of learning Arabic with the three success keys, and put in consistent effort, they achieved what they previously thought was impossible.

Alhamdulillah, Arabic Unlocked Academy has been a pivotal part of their success—as it has been for hundreds of other students from all over the world.

Check out our Arabic Unlocked Academy to discover how it can help you to reach your Arabic learning goals too, InshaAllah.


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